About Us

Our Trading Company name is Crystal Way Trading LLC. Company is located in U.A.E, Dubai.
We are selling Automotive Parts & Accessories since 2008 combining a wide range of automotive products
for most of the popular vehicles to make your one stop purchases easy and at affordable prices.

Almost a decade we strive hard every working day to provide our customers with best possible prices or the automotive parts and to minimise time of delivery of the order to receiver destination. Best Prices and Best Delivery Time is not only one target. We care about our customers demands related to clarification of information about the product they buy or the services which we provide. Our sales team will be happy to answer your clarifying questions about the products at our working hours.

Buying items on www.carmarka.com is very easy. The checkout form on our web site minimises time of purchase. Check our convenient EPC online parts catalogue to find part numbers and prices by entering VIN number or by Model! You can make a purchae online using your Credit Card, T/T bank wire transfer or via PayPal. We offer 2 percent discount for any ordered item(s) if payment made via T/T bank wire transfer on our company account. Invoice is generated same time when you enter your receiver contact information and select forwarding agent from menu. You can easily print generated invoice which is very usfull to make a transfer manually from the branch.

Dedicated Products are classifyed by car brands and models which makes your product search easy. Now you can order the items on our web site from almost any part of the world. Well known and reliable forwarders will deliver your orders in shortest time frames possible.